Who We Are

Clear Texas Lakes volunteers hard at work!

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to keeping Texas lakes clear of trash and debris. We do this by monitoring and disposing trash and debris that is in or has washed up on shorelines of Texas lakes. We organize, train, and work hand in hand with volunteers who help in the process. Our work is done primarily by boat, so we can get to hard to reach affected areas that are inaccessible by land. We also clear away trash from areas that are accessible on foot where trash is a problem.

We are unique in that our cleanup effort is continuous rather than periodical. The  trash buildup is very prevalent with each new storm bringing in and moving the trash around. This can be harmful to people while recreating at the lakes and is detrimental to wildlife as well.

Our Story

Donald L. Gaston, founder of Clear Texas Lakes, is a retired family man who is an avid outdoorsman that enjoys fishing, hunting and golf. Don moved to Dallas in 2018 and naturally began exploring the lakes in the area. One theme was prevalent wherever he went: There was a great deal of trash and debris around the lakes. If Texas was going to be his new home, he felt compelled to make a positive change and decided to take action. In 2020, Don founded Clear Texas Lakes to ensure the lakes are clean, safe, and beautiful for everyone.

Don isn’t afraid of hard work. Before he semi-retired, Don worked in the timber industry, construction, property management and owned an auto glass business. He also supported his community as a volunteer scout leader, baseball coach, school site council president, and director of fundraising.